Safety Measures

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Avian Influenza Info

Safety Measures

Protecting U.S. Poultry Flocks and
the Food Supply from Avian Influenza

Asian bird flu is H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) – a disease of birds that has occurred overseas but has never been detected in North America. The U.S. poultry industry is working with our partners in government to guard commercial poultry flocks. Asian avian influenza is not easily caught or transmitted by humans. No one knows if it will ever become a “human to human” disease that could form the basis for an outbreak of human influenza. The programs that are now in place will keep AI out of our food supply and limit the chance that it may become more dangerous to humans.

Through an array of biosecurity measures, wild bird testing, and testing of commercial flocks by industry and government, we aim to keep it out of our flocks, eradicate it if it occurs, and assure the safety of the food supply.

Multiple “Firewalls” in Place to Assure U.S. Food Safety

Safety Measures
Monitoring, Surveillance and Testing
Response and Eradication
Food Preparation Safety

The poultry industry and government partners have implemented multiple layers of protection to safeguard our food supply from H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza (“bird flu”).

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